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Bringing up Parents

By Meera Bakhru | Unrated I have realized over the years, there is no foolproof method of bringing up children. Even with experts like Dr.Spock guiding you, there are goofups galore.........

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By Meera Bakhru
Anger is an emotion that does not spare anyone; from a child to an adult, we are all susceptible to it. However, if we allow it to take over our lives, the results will be disastrous. Let's look into the different facets of anger and how best to deal with them
The Simple Life
By Meera Bakhru
There is a right time for everything.....12 years ago, both my husband and I decided that we should now get away from city life and find ourselves some peaceful place in the hills; try out the simple life, so to speak. So he invested in a small flat in Shimla,
By Gian Kumar
Age is just a number, so it is said. This is partly true. No matter what your chronological age may be, if you feel young at heart, you are young. However,physically the body does age,inspite of numerous age-defying techniques you may employ to delay this proc
By Gian Kumar
What is meditation? Is it a difficult practice to incorporate into our daily routines, one more activity in our already hectic schedules?
Meditation, it is said, is mind suspended in space; the mental state of stillness we find when we journey far beyond our
Power of Thought
By Gian Kumar
What is it that makes a single individual undertake a near impossible task, and succeed? If Edmund Hillary managed to conquer Everest....., it was only because he thought he could, and believed in himself. The power of thought can therefore, either take you to