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     Gyan Foundation appeals to you to sustain the river of existence by generous contribution to the cause of humanitarian relief. For the ones who have received in good measure from their families and the society, it is the time to connect. Connecting to the source of life and energy is to work for the poor, the down trodden, the afflicted, the devastated and shattered peoples of this world.

Gyan Foundation believes that true and lasting happiness lies in making others lives happy. Hence we have embraced a vast number of causes to support those who need our help to live life in a decent, wholesome manner. The following are a few causes we work for:

• Amenities for the Poor – Orphanages; Medical Assistance; Schools; Training Institutes.

• Rural welfare- Constructions of Roads; Technological Assistance; Training; Promoting Bio Technology options.

• The Enpowerment of Women- Providing opportunities for training and financial aid.

• Environmental Conservation; Conservation of Biodiversity; Planting trees; Promoting Alternative Sources of Energy.

• Education- Setting up of schools; colleges – engineering, medical, management and others.

• Community welfare- Old Age Homes; Meditation Centers; Day Care Centers for children; Community Centers; Career Counseling Centers; Shelters; Rest Rooms,

• Assistance to the physically and mentally challenged-Establishing and developing institutions; providing food; clothing; medicine and other help

• Relief to victims of natural calamities and war victims– relief and rehabilitation to victims of natural disasters like earthquake, tsunamis, floods and droughts.

• Awareness regarding social mal practices- Anti- dowry measures; steps against child labor and child marriage.

• Training programs for generating employment opportunities.

• Promoting Indian Culture- Arts& Craft; traditions and cultural values

Thus the ambit of our organization is wide enough to include all indices of human development. It aims to reach out to those sections of society which are deprived of a wholesome life due to varied reasons.

We receive and raise funds, through grants, aid, donations, subscriptions, sponsorship, presents, rent, gifts and loans or any assistance in other form etc. for the fulfillment of aims & objects of the Gianfoundation.co

What good is our so called eminence, if we are neither compassionate nor helpful to others?